Indonesia Now Issues 'Second Home Visa' for Senior Foreigners

Diana Mariska
Immigration illustration (Photo: Antara/Ayu Khania Pranisitha)
Immigration illustration (Photo: Antara/Ayu Khania Pranisitha) - The immigration in Indonesia can now issue “second home visa” for senior foreigners who wish to stay in Indonesia, Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Hamonangan Laoly said.

Laoly explained that foreign nationals, including the senior ones, who look to settle in Indonesia can benefit from and apply for the visa.

“Second home visa offers opportunity for foreigners, including the seniors, who want to stay in Indonesia,” Laoly said on Thursday, June 30, as reported by Antara.

According to him, the Job Creation Law that was passed in 2020 regulates some new policies, including the Ministry’s new scope of authorities and responsibilities. These include the establishment of new legal entity Private Company as well as new visa known as second home visa.

Besides accommodating senior foreigners who wish to spend their retirement in Indonesia, the new visa can also assist other groups of foreigners who can’t stay using other visa schemes. However, they have to meet all requirements, especially on what they can offer to contribute to Indonesia’s economic development.

Furthermore, director of stay permit at the Immigration Pramella Yunidar Pasaribu also revealed that her office has been tasked to provide service to provide visa and stay permit for former Indonesian citizens who want to return to Indonesia.

“The objective is to take part as a facilitator in national economic development,” Pasaribu said.

The mechanism is similar, which is by submitting immigration documents as regulated by law.

Ex-Indonesians will have the freedom to work and start a business as the owner of permanent stay permit in Indonesia, and they can also stay longer in Indonesia and obtain the right to own properties – in accordance with the law.

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