Four Tons of Indonesian Instant Noodle Products Refused Entry to Taiwan

Diana Mariska
Instant noodle illustration (Photo: Pixabay/digitalphotolinds)
Instant noodle illustration (Photo: Pixabay/digitalphotolinds) - Taiwanese authorities have recently refused entry to instant noodle products from several countries, including four tons of Indonesian instant noodles, after they were found to exceed the maximum pesticide residue limit.

Besides product from Indonesia, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Taiwan also blocked instant noodles from Japan and the Philippines from entering the country for the same reason.

As reported by, FDA reported on Tuesday, July 5, that 19 vessels were denied entry to Taiwan by the state’s customs, and among those were seven vessels carrying more than 4,000 kilograms of instant noodle products.

The figure consists of 4,074.4 kilograms of Mie Sedap products from Indonesia and 327.6 kilograms of Lucky Me cup noodles from the Philippines, which were imported by Taiwan’s ELOM Group Company, as well as 56.96 kilograms of Acecook cup noodles from Japan that were imported by Zhong Xin International Development Co.

Taking into account the massive number of Indonesian products contaminated with residue, the FDA confirmed that customs officers will increase the sample percentage of foods from Indonesia to be tested, from 5-10 percent to 20 percent.

In addition, Taiwanese FDA also refused entry to Best Camellia Oil from China and Queen Victoria tea products from Australia.

All products that fail to meet the standard will be returned or destroyed.

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