Expert Says New Provinces Will Prosper Papuans on Certain Conditions

Diana Mariska
Papua (Photo: Antara)
Papua (Photo: Antara) - An expert has recently shared an analysis on the impacts of the creation of three new provinces in Papua and said it may help Papuans to be more prosperous on the condition that the administration is run properly by capable people.

Academic from the University of Al Azhar Indonesia (UAI) Ujang Komarudin said the creation of new provinces in Papua can work in Papuans’ favor, but several other things must also be ensured to make the plan work.

“Papua is still left behind, and [the creation of new provinces] is an effort to prosper the people. However, the plan also needs supports in order to work,” Komarudin said on Thursday, July 7, as reported by Antara.

The first crucial thing is having local leaders and officials who are genuinely willing to serve the people, especially considering these are new provinces that will require hard work.

“Civil servants and bureaucracy must serve the people and not the other way around. And their service must also be accessible beyond their office building and truly reach the communities,” the academic said.

Next, the local governments must also try to realize the vision and maintain cooperation with central government.

Another key is aspect is ensuring security and public order that can support the acceleration of plan implementation, including socio-economic-related plans that can elevate the livelihood of people.

Full support from the entire community is also needed to make the three new provinces flourish.

And lastly, Komarudin said the Central Papua, Highland Papua, and South Papua provinces should not rush into having their first election, and it’s more important to make sure all legal instruments are ready, including Law amendment.

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