Durian Competition Held in Aceh to Find New Varieties

Diana Mariska
Durian illustration (Photo: Freepik)
Durian illustration (Photo: Freepik) - Traveling community Traveler Indonesia holds a durian competition in Pasie Luah Beach in Aceh Jaya regency to find new varieties in different regencies in Aceh.

The event’s head of organizing committee Alif said the competition is held on July 16-18 and is part of the collective effort to find durian’s new varieties and promote local tourism.

“Since registration opened, there have already been 25 varieties registered in the durian festival competition, and they come from Aceh Jaya and Aceh Besar regencies and will be present at the final tomorrow,” Alif said on Sunday, July 17, as reported by Antara.

He added that Traveler Indonesia has been studying the diverse durian varieties in the two regencies within the last two years.

“There’s durian with fruits that look like a type from Thailand but have local flavor and characteristic,” Alif explained.

Farmers in the two regencies have also become more serious in durian cultivation, and they now don’t merely rely on traditional methods.

“In the first year [of the competition], we found eight potential durians that could compete at international level, and in the second year, there were five other winners from different origins. And at the moment, we’ve been finding potential winners from traditional farmers in Aceh Jaya. That’s why we hold the event here,” Alif concluded.

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