Kupang Authorities Block Entry of Meat in Light of Ongoing FMD Outbreak

Diana Mariska
Cattle farm in Wangun village, Cianjur, West Java. (Photo: Noviandi)
Cattle farm in Wangun village, Cianjur, West Java. (Photo: Noviandi) - Local authorities in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, have refused entry to 60 kilograms (kg) of beef and pork from East Java province as regions in Indonesia continue to struggle against the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak.

Kupang’s class I agricultural quarantine agency reported that the meat products consisted of 20 kg of beef and 40 kg of pork.

“The entry prevention of beef and pork happened in Waingapu area and [was successfully managed] due to the monitoring carried out by the task force there,” head of the agency Yulius Umbu H said on Monday, July 18, as reported by Antara.

According to the agency, the meat arrived in Waingapu after being shipped from East Java, while a joint operation was being held by quarantine agency officers and the task force.

Umbu said the refusal of entry was deemed necessary to prevent the spread of FMD in areas within NTT as the province is reportedly still safe from FMD because transport of meat from animals with cloven hooves has been entirely banned after a governor’s decree was issued at the start of the outbreak.

Umbu said the quarantine agency will issue warning to individuals who brought the meat to Waingapu while the meat will be returned to East Java.

FMD infection in livestock continues to be reported in provinces across Indonesia, and efforts including transport ban and vaccination program have started. And last week, it was confirmed that the Australian government will support the national effort by sending one million FMD vaccines in August.

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