Indonesia Exporting 50 Tons of Chicken to Singapore

Diana Mariska
Chicken sold at a market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo: Antara)
Chicken sold at a market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo: Antara) - Indonesia started the delivery of 50 tons of chicken products to Singapore last week after the neighbor country was hit with supply shortage as a result of chicken export ban implemented by Malaysia.

On Wednesday, July 13, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo oversaw the shipment of 50-ton frozen chicken and processed chicken products to Singapore with value export of Rp2 billion (US$140,000).

“We’re grateful as today we can successfully send our agricultural products and commodities to Singapore, Japan, and Timor Leste markets,” Limpo said in a statement on July 13.

Besides successfully penetrating Singapore market that is known for its strict and high food safety standards, on the occasion, Indonesia also exported poultry products to Japan and chicken carcasses to Timor Leste.”

“This export proves that Indonesia has gained more global trust on our agricultural products. More particularly, our livestock products can meet the standards set out by export markets,” the Minister added.

Export to Singapore is expected to create more opportunities for export to more countries. President Joko Widodo has also reportedly ordered the Ministry to find export opportunities for leading commodities from Indonesia.

According to the Ministry, Indonesia produces up to 3.8 million tons of chicken meat annually. However, Limpo emphasized that domestic demand will be prioritized.

“[The production] of poultry and eggs is remarkable, [we even experience] overstock. That’s why we encourage export – surely by still prioritizing national interest,” he stated.

Previously, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs said Indonesia would be open to the possibility of exporting poultry to Singapore after Malaysia banned chicken export.

“This is related to the current global crisis, so it’s very interesting as Singapore will definitely need chicken supply,” Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry Susiwijono Moegiarso said on Friday, June 10.

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