20 Former Tiger Hunters Take Wildlife Conservation Pledge

Diana Mariska
Sumatran Tiger (Doc: Ministry of Tourism)
Sumatran Tiger (Doc: Ministry of Tourism) - In a declaration event, 20 former tiger hunters in South Sumatra and Bengkulu provinces took the pledge to be part of wildlife conservation effort after they completed rehabilitation program initiated by an NGO.

The declaration was made on Thursday, July 21, in Bengkulu and was organized after the 20 ex-hunters had undergone a two-year rehabilitation by Lingkar Inisiatif Indonesia Foundation.

Head of the foundation Iswadi said all of them had decided to repent and are now committed to the conservation of Sumatran tigers.

“Through our approach, we convinced these hunters to repent, and they pledged to stop hunting tigers and will actively contribute in conservation efforts,” Iswadi said on Thursday, as reported by Antara.

“We’re optimistic this new approach can help increase the tiger population,” he added.

One of the 20 former tiger hunters Mawi said he is now dedicated to the cause and will be part of the tiger conservation efforts.

“I’m ready to help rescuing Sumatran tigers and convince those who are still actively hunting to stop their activities,” Mawi stated.

Lastly, Iswadi said the government should pay attention to hunters that are now committed to wildlife conservation and protection, including by facilitating them to find other job opportunities.

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