Aceh Police Destroys 5.3-Hectare Cannabis Farms

Diana Mariska
Cannabis illustration (Photo: ANTARA/Reuters/Chalinee Thirasupa/as)
Cannabis illustration (Photo: ANTARA/Reuters/Chalinee Thirasupa/as) - The Aceh Police said it had destroyed 5.3 hectares of ready-to-harvest cannabis farms located in two areas in Lamteuba highland, Aceh Besar regency.

Chief of drug investigation at Aceh Police Grand Commissioner Ruddi Setiawan confirmed that the operation took place on Thursday, July 21.

“The total of cannabis destroyed was about 53,000 stems and is estimated to weigh around 13.3 tons,” Setiawan said, as reported by Antara.

Besides the police, the operation also involved the military, customs, and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN).

The cannabis farm was located in the mountain area within Gampang Pulo, Lamteuba area, Aceh Besar regency.

Police also confirmed that the cannabis in the farms was ready to be harvested.

“The height of the plants was up to 2.5 meters, and they are estimated to be four-month-old and ready for harvest,” Setiawan added.

He also said that the team had to walk for about three hours to get to the locations, and the whereabouts were first revealed by members of the public.

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