185 Rohingya Refugees Land in Aceh's Pidie, Incl. 32 Children

Diana Mariska
Wooden boat used by Rohingya people in Pidie, Aceh. (Photo: AMANDA JUFRIAN / AFP)
Wooden boat used by Rohingya people in Pidie, Aceh. (Photo: AMANDA JUFRIAN / AFP) - Aceh Police has confirmed that 185 Rohingyas have arrived in Ujung Pie Beach, Muara Tiga subdistrict, Pidie regency.

According to spokesperson of Aceh Police Grand Commissioner Winardy, the refugees landed in the regency earlier this week, and dozens of children were reported to be part of the group.

“There were 185 Rohingya immigrants who landed in Pidie on Monday at about 5.30 p.m. [Western Indonesia Time],” Winardy said on Monday, December 26, as reported by Antara, adding that the group consisted of 83 men, 70 women, and 32 children.

The police representative revealed that the refugees were then situated in Aula Gampong Ujung Pie hall and that some of them were sick.

“Those who are sick are being treated. Staffs from local [multi-agency unit] Muspika and public health facility provide medication and treatment for them,” Winardy said.

Police said it would start communicating and coordinating with relevant ministries and state agencies to handle this issue—particularly because more Rohingya people have been coming to Aceh more frequently in the last few months.

Previously, on Sunday, a boat carrying 57 Rohingya refugees landed in Indra Patra Beach, Mesjid Raya subdistrict, Aceh Besar regency. They landed in the area at about 10.00 a.m. local time, and they have been housed in Rumoh Seujahtera owned by Aceh province’s social affairs office.

And last month, on November 15, 110 Rohingyas landed in the coast of Meunasah Lhok village in North Aceh regency at about 03.25 a.m.

A day later, 119 refugees from Rohignya were stranded in the coast of Bluka Teubai village, also in North Aceh regency.

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