Father, Daughter Die Following Lightning Strike in Riau

Diana Mariska
Lightning strike illustration (Photo: Antara)
Lightning strike illustration (Photo: Antara) - Bengkalis Police confirmed that one man and one woman had died following a lightning strike in North Rupat Beach in Bengkalis regency, Riau.

Chief of Bengkalis Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Indra Wijadmiko said victims Abdul Hakim (46) and daughter Novia Mustika (21) died on Wednesday, August 17, after they were struck by lightning during their visit to the beach.

“Hakim visited Novia on Wednesday, who was doing a community service in Tanjung Punak village. They went on a walk on Tanjung Lapin Beach in North Rupat in the afternoon. It was drizzling at the time,” Wijadmiko said on Thursday, as reported by Antara.

Novie was a student at Islamic Institute of Tafaqquh Fiddin Dumai, and she was doing a community service program at the time of the incident.

After walking on the beach, Hakim and Novia rested in a hut while his wife went to order food.

Later on, a lightning struck the hut and caused it to collapse and fell on the father and daughter, who were thrown to the ground.

Hakim’s wife and nearby people immediately tried to rescue them, but the two victims had died on the spot.

“After a few minutes, locals helped victims and his wife to evacuate them using personal vehicle to take them to a clinic on Jalan Rupat in Tanjung Medang,” the police said.

It was later confirmed that the two victims had died due to lightning strike.

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