Activists Plant 2,000 Mangroves in Makassar

Diana Mariska
Mangrove planting in Lantebung mangrove forest. (Photo: Antara/Suriani Mappong)
Mangrove planting in Lantebung mangrove forest. (Photo: Antara/Suriani Mappong) - Environmental activists planted 2,000 mangrove seeds in Lantebung mangrove forest and tourism area in the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi province.

The activity was part of Hutan Merdeka IV program which was also supported by the province’s environment and forestry office, marine and fisheries office, and private sectors with focus on environmental conservation.

“This a national activity and is part of the fourth edition of Hutan Merdeka program, which initially started in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic,” program leader Muh Ilham said on Sunday, August 21, as reported by Antara.

Prior to planting the mangrove seeds, participants also held discussions and various activities related to environment and its protection.

Local community Ikatan Keluarga Lantebung (IKaL) hosted the activity, and its leader Kamal said since it was first held, the mangrove-planting program had been supported by local offices and other concerning stakeholders because the program also aims to empower local communities on planting, conserving, and protecting mangrove forests.

“It is not an easy feat to raise public awareness, but with different approaches, Lantebung mangrove forest has become part of the community,” Kamal said.

The mangrove ecosystem also creates an economic impact because it becomes a habitat for crabs and fishes.

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