Maros Pangkep Geopark Officially Becomes UNESCO Global Geopark

Arfi Bambani
Clean up of Pattunuang Geosite, part of Maros-Pangkep Geopark
Clean up of Pattunuang Geosite, part of Maros-Pangkep Geopark - The Maros Pangkep Geopark area is officially included as part of the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) based on the UNESCO Global Geopark council meeting in Thailand.

"Alhamdulillah, at the UGG council meeting, it was decided to accept the application for the Maros Pangkep Geopark as a UNESCO Global Geopark," said General Manager of the Maros Pangkep Geopark Management Agency, Dedy Irfan, in a press statement sent by e-mail in Makassar, Monday, September 5, 2022.

He said the expectations of the people and the government of Maros and Pangkep Regencies have finally come true, after working hand in hand with the community in meeting the criteria of UNESCO international institutions. According to him, although it has been declared accepted, the official announcement will be made in the near future, just waiting for the schedule.

"So, we just have to wait for the official announcement schedule from UNESCO," he explained.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Maros Hj Suhartina Bohari, who is the head of the Working Group for the arrival of UGG assessors, expressed her happiness when the Maros Pangkep Geopark area was declared to be included in the UGG. According to her, this achievement should not lead to the euphoria of pleasure, but invites all parties to immediately fix the things that are still lacking, in order to bear the title as part of the UGG.

In this regard, she continued, after the team returned from Thailand, they would sit down together to determine the next steps. The reason is that there are still nine recommendations from the assessor team that must be followed up.

"If it is not fulfilled or we are not maintained and do not meet the qualification standards, then this recognition can be revoked by UNESCO," said Bohari.

However, with the inclusion of Maros Pangkep in the UGG, the Maros Pangkep Geopark area has become a world tourist destination and will receive greater attention, both in the tourism sector and in community empowerment efforts.

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