Yogyakarta to Serve Flights from Turkey, Singapore

Arfi Bambani
Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo
Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo - Angkasa Pura I Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, is intensifying plans to open international routes to increase tourist visits by communicating with international airlines. Temporary Acting General Manager of Yogyakarta International Airport or Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) Agus Pandu Purnama in Kulon Progo, Monday, said his party had coordinated with Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Scoot-Tiger, and Turkish Airlines regarding the plan.

"Based on the latest communication, Turkish Airlines will open routes from Turkey to YIA in January 2023, then Malaysia Air and others in September," said Agus Pandu.

He said the currently operating international flight is AirAsia Malaysia, which flies once a week. The plan is that AirAsia and Scoot Tiger will open a route from Singapore to YIA and vice versa.

Furthermore, local airlines such as Lion Air Group also plan to open six new routes from YIA to several local airports such as Pontianak and Banjarmasin. However, according to him, domestic airlines want routes at night, so they will increase operating hours from the previous only until 18.00 WIB, to be extended to 21.00 WIB starting September.

"Domestic flights to Jakarta also have requests for routes at night. So if we prepare the operating hours, they will increase," he said.

Furthermore, Agus Pandu said the number of domestic and international flight movements, would bring the total forward movement of aircraft to around 70, from the original 62 movements. "We hope that the trend of flight movement increases as the investment climate in Yogyakarta and its surroundings increases so that the movement of people and goods will automatically increase," he said.

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