Yoursay Explores Kotagede: Witnessing the History of The Islamic Mataram

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Yoursay Explores Kotagede (
Yoursay Explores Kotagede ( -, a User Generated Content platform owned by PT Arkadia Digital Media tbk., successfully held an exciting event titled "Yoursay Explores Kotagede" on Saturday (May 20, 2023), in the area of Kotagede Mosque and several historical sites around it.

In collaboration with the Malam Museum Community as educational tour guides, "Yoursay Explores Kotagede" invited participants to explore the Kotagede area, one of the most historically significant corners of Yogyakarta. In the past, this place witnessed the early rise of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom.

"Yoursay Explores Kotagede," sponsored by Bank BTN, was attended by 50 participants from various age groups and places of residence. However, the majority of participants were students studying in Yogyakarta.

Rendy Adrikni Sadikin, the Head of Suara Jogja and also the Community Manager of Yoursay, enthusiastically observed the participants' spirit as they arrived early in the morning. He hoped that the historical exploration would bring new knowledge to the participants.

"Hopefully, this event runs smoothly, updates our insights, and provides benefits for all of us," said Rendy Adrikni Sadikin while opening the "Yoursay Explores Kotagede" event.

Tracing the Footsteps of the Islamic Mataram's Rise in Kotagede

In the Yoursay Explores Kotagede event, participants were taken on a tour of historical spots by two educators from the Night Museum Community, namely Erwin Djunaedi, the Founder of the Malam Museum Community, and Sri Yuwaningtyas Sukma Putri, the Chairperson of the Night Museum Community.

"The collaboration between Yoursay and the Malam Museum Community, titled Mlampah Explores Kotagede, starts from Kotagede Mosque, then continues to the surrounding sites to delve deeper into the origins of the Islamic Mataram's rise," explained Sukma.

Some of the historical spots that served as stopping points and explanations included Bokong Semar, Watu Gilang, Cepuri Jebol, and Sendang Seliran, located within the Kotagede cemetery complex.

The concept of a walking tour, as embraced in the "Yoursay Explores Kotagede" event, has long existed, especially in Europe. However, in Indonesia itself, the concept of walking tours has become increasingly popular.

"The concept of a walking tour is already known in Europe, where tourists are invited to visit attractions on foot. This trend has gained popularity in several countries, including Indonesia. We decided to adopt this concept, and it has been well-received," explained Erwin Djunaedi.

"With a walking tour, tourists can directly see the condition of the sites and experience the atmosphere and feel of the places they visit," he continued.

At each historical site visited, participants not only had the opportunity to admire the beauty but also received in-depth explanations from the educators, enabling them to better understand the history of those spots.

For example, at the Bokong Semar site, participants learned that it was a fortress named after its shape, which resembles the buttocks of Semar, one of the characters in wayang shadow puppetry.

Erwin Djunaedi explained that choosing Kotagede as the destination for this event was quite appropriate. Kotagede has a long history, especially for Yogyakarta and the younger generation. Kotagede is one of the ancient sites that laid the foundation for the establishment of the Yogyakarta Sultanate and the Surakarta Sunanate.

"Kotagede is where the civilization of Jogja and Solo emerged. The visited sites are related to the Islamic Mataram Kingdom. These sites have interesting narratives that the younger generation should know," said Erwin.

"Kotagede is also one of the ancestral lands that still exist today, so I think it is still relevant to be visited by young people. Additionally, it helps them realize that Yogyakarta and Solo were once united under the larger framework of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom," he added.

Participants were not only able to visit historical sites but also engaged in games at the end of the event. Lucky participants had the chance to win exciting prizes from Yoursay and BTN.

The participants enthusiastically took part in the "Yoursay Explores Kotagede" activities. Many of them considered the event to be exciting.

In fact, some participants expressed their hope that similar activities would be held again in the future.

"The hope is that events like this will continue to be held, and if possible, more destinations can be added, such as museums or other tourist spots," said Dwinda Marita, one of the participants of "Yoursay Explores Kotagede."

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