Indonesian Seafarers Rescued After Two Days at Malaysian Waters

Diana Mariska
Sea illustration (Photo: Pixabay/dimitrisvetsikas1969)
Sea illustration (Photo: Pixabay/dimitrisvetsikas1969) - The Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) in Johor Bahru confirmed that it had rescued seven Indonesian seafarers who were adrift at Malaysian waters for two days.

Representative from KJRI Johor Bahru Mohamad Rizali Noor said the seven Indonesian citizens were crew of MT Voras boat, and of them have been repatriated.

“It’s true that we rescued Indonesians who were the crew of MT Voras. As of now, they have been safely repatriated via Batu Ampar port on Sunday [August 28],” Noor said on Tuesday, as reported by Antara.

The evacuation effort started when KJRI received information from Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) about the finding of one unit of water taxi SB Wiratama originating from Batam.

It was later understood that the water taxi carried the seven Indonesians who had been at sea for two days.

Oil vessel MT Voras was heading to Batam when it ran out of gas and went adrift.

“And then the SB Wiratama, which was found by Malaysian water patrol, was immediately pulled towards a port in Mersing, Johor,” Noor revealed.

KJRI immediately verified the seven individuals and coordinated with Johor immigration office to repatriate them to Batam.

Upon verification, APMM escorted SB Wiratama and the seven seafarers to resail, and they all arrived at Batu Ampar port

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