Police Confirms 10 Killed, 23 Injured in Truck Crash in Bekasi

Diana Mariska
Fatal truck crash in Bekasi, West Java, on August 31, 2022. (Photo: Arya)
Fatal truck crash in Bekasi, West Java, on August 31, 2022. (Photo: Arya) - The police has confirmed that 10 were killed and 23 were injured in a truck crash outside a school in Bekasi, West Java, on Wednesday, August 31.

Director of traffic at Jakarta Metro Police Latif Usman said the number of victims in the accident, in which a truck crashed in front of a bus stop and into other vehicles, rose to 33 people from the previously-confirmed 30 people.

“The total of victims are 33, and 10 were killed,” Usman confirmed on Thursday, September 1, as reported by Antara.

The bus stop, located just outside SDN Kota Baru II and III on Jalan Sultan Agung, Bekasi, was full of people (including students) at the time of accident. The victims were then taken to Ananda Hospital and Bekasi Regional Public Hospital (RSUD).

According to police, the crash was allegedly caused by brake failure.

Besides crashing into other vehicles, the track also knocked down an electricity pole that later fell on a container.

Chief of Bekasi Police Grand Commissioner Hengki said the truck driver had been arrested. However, AS (30) had yet to be investigated because he was still shaken after the crash.

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