Enhancing Ties, Japan Open to Providing Military Equipment to Indonesia

Diana Mariska
Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Kenji Kanasugi. (Photo: Winanto)
Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Kenji Kanasugi. (Photo: Winanto) - Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia said the East Asian country is open to providing military equipment to Indonesia as Japan looks set to raise its defense spending for 2023.

Speaking at an event to celebrate “Japan Self-Defense Forces Day” in Jakarta, Ambassador Kenji Kanasugi told reporters that defense cooperation in many forms and focuses is always welcome, and the remark came after reports of Japan’s government increasing its defense budget for next year.

On the possibility of an agreement on the provision of military equipment, Kanasugi said he’s “hopeful” that such cooperation can take form.

“But it all depends on the Indonesian side. We’d like to proceed whatever cooperation … which in line with Indonesia’s taste, in line with what Indonesia would like to have,” he said on Friday, December 16.

Despite the willingness, Kanasugi admitted that it would be “too premature” to elaborate on the potential agreement as decision on Japan’s defense spending had only been announced.

“It’s too premature to say because we just made the decision on a new defense strategy, so let’s wait to see what will happen.”

On the occasion, the state representative also emphasized the growing needs for Indonesia and Japan to strengthen their military ties amid the current global uncertainties—especially as Indonesia and Japan are to chair ASEAN and G7, respectively, next year.

“The two countries are located in the center of Indo-Pacific region, and we are two of the largest democracies in the world—we are also maritime nations, archipelagic nations. We have common strategic interests and common strategic objectives,” the ambassador said.

“So there is every reason that our two countries can make further cooperation in the defense field as well.”

“Indonesia is the chair country of ASEAN … and Japan is chairing G7 … so I think we can coordinate our positions when we talk about global issues. Of course Russian invasion to Ukraine is one thing, and the food and energy crisis is another concern for us,” he remarked.

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