Passenger Train Crashes Into Trailer Truck in Semarang, Causes Explosion

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Passenger train crashes in Semarang (photo: ANTARA FOTO/Makna Zaezar)
Passenger train crashes in Semarang (photo: ANTARA FOTO/Makna Zaezar) - An accident involving a passenger train and a truck occurred in Semarang on Tuesday, July 18, 2023. The accident involved the Brantas Train bound for Pasar Senen and a truck-trailer (tronton).

The accident took place at JPL 6 Km 1+523, on the Jrakah-Semarang Poncol railway section. As a result of the accident, a significant explosion occurred, igniting a fire in the Brantas Train's locomotive.


According to the Semarang police chief, Commissioner Pol Irwan Anwar, who spoke to the media, the truck-trailer suddenly stalled on the railway tracks. The truck's driver and assistant tried to seek help from the railroad crossing officer, but assistance could not be provided in time as the Brantas Train was already close to the location.

The Brantas Train collided with the stalled truck-trailer, completely destroying the truck. It was dragged several meters towards a bridge, and shortly after, a powerful explosion occurred, causing a large fire in the locomotive and the front part of the truck-trailer.

Despite the intense fire, it was reported that there were no fatalities as a result of this accident. Both the truck's driver and assistant, as well as the train's engineer, were reported to be safe. However, one passenger sustained injuries as they jumped off the train during the incident.

Overall, the losses incurred were primarily material damages due to the severe destruction of the truck-trailer and the Brantas Train's locomotive. The truck's engine failure is predicted to have been caused by electrical and electromagnetic interference since the Brantas Train was close to the railway crossing area.

Impact of the Accident

As a result of the accident, PT KAI (Indonesian Railways) stated that at least six passenger train journeys experienced delays. The affected trains were KA 112 Brantas, KA 178 Kamandaka, KA 199F Kaligung, KA 111 Brantas, KA 129 Gumarang, and KA 220 Kertajaya.

The duration of the delays is yet to be determined, but it is assured that efforts will be made to restore the schedules as soon as possible after the removal of the wreckage of the truck-trailer and the Brantas Train.

The Vice President of Public Relations at PT KAI, Joni Martinus, subsequently urged the public and road users to comply with the applicable rules. Incidents like this are not uncommon and are usually caused by negligence on the part of drivers.

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