Pamulang Residents Turn Drain Into Koi Fish Pond

Arfi Bambani | Aulia Hafisa
Pamulang Residents Turn Ditch Into Koi Fish Pond (Twitter/Tangselifecom)
Pamulang Residents Turn Ditch Into Koi Fish Pond (Twitter/Tangselifecom) - An unusual view is seen in Puri Pamulang resident, Tangerang, Banten. A drain in this area is converted into a koi fish pond.

The pond went viral on social media after a Twitter user, @tangselfiecom, uploaded it. At least 99 thousand people had seen the video, and 500 Twitter users retweeted the video.

"That's so cool! Puri Pamulang residents can turn a drain into a fish pond," said the uploader in the caption, quoted on 12 November 2021.

In a short video uploaded, there was a drain at the side of the road. Unlike an ordinary drain which full of dirty and residual water, the drain looked very clean. You can see through the water because of its cleanness.

The drain is filled with Koi fish. At least hundreds of Koi swim inside the drain freely. This view is inevitably attracted people's attention. People gather at the side of the ditch to see the fish. They sit there and give food to the fish.

To beautify the pond, Pamulung Residents added plans in the poolside area.

"Pamulang, but looks like Japan!" told the uploader in the caption.

The idea of turning the drain into a koi fish pond inevitably got the netizen's attention. They praise the drain that looks clean and captivating.

"I don't know that Pamulang can be this cool," said a netizen.

"Hopefully, no naughty humans are littering there! If there is one, let's beat him together!"

"This is good. Hopefully, it can inspire other areas," said one of the netizens.

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