YouTuber Died While Making Content in Cirebon West Java

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SAR rescued YouTuber Sanuji's body from a river in Cirebon West Java
SAR rescued YouTuber Sanuji's body from a river in Cirebon West Java - The joint SAR team managed to find Youtuber Sanuji (37) who drowned in the Cisanggarung River, Cirebon Regency, West Java, in a state of death. Sanuji has swept away while creating content catching snails in the Cisanggarung River.

"The team has found the victim dead," said Juniarto, Commander of the Cirebon SAR Post Rescue Team in Cirebon, as reported by Antara, Monday, August 15, 2022.

According to him, the victim drowned in the Cisanggarung River on Sunday, August 14, at around 04.00 Western Indonesia Time. Previously, the victim and his partner would create content around the location of the incident. The victim then went down to the edge of the Cisanggarung River, to look for snails. As the victim moved away from the river bank towards the middle, he was swept away by the current.

After trying to find Juniarto, finally, the victim's colleague reported the incident to the local village apparatus at around 10.30 WIB. "This victim originally intended to create content for Youtube, but not long after the victim was looking for snails and drifted away by the current of the Cisanggarung River," he said.

He added that after trying to search, a joint SAR team consisting of the National SAR Agency (Cirebon SAR), Pabedilan Police, Cirebon Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency, Losari Fire Service, Gurila SAR, and Babakanlor Village Officials, found the victim in a lifeless condition. The victim, Juniarto continued, was found on Monday morning at around 08.37 West Indonesia Time in a state of death, floating 500 meters from the initial location of the sinking.

"We have taken the victim to Waled Hospital, and after the search is over, the team then returns to their respective units," he said.

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