5 Most Talkabout Foods in Indonesia 2021

Arfi Bambani
BTS meal
BTS meal - Culinary trends continue to move during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is always a new food, a long-awaited restaurant, or a new menu that becomes a conversation in cyberspace and ends up causing an uproar in the real world.

What are the culinary and restaurants that are popping up and being discussed in 2021?

All Korean
The typical spicy Korean taste is still being loved throughout 2021. The proof is that many restaurants are issuing seasonal menus and using Ginseng Country as a taste inspiration. Starting from a salad provider restaurant that brings gochujang chicken with a savory, sour, and spicy Korean style, or a Bibimbap-inspired salad.

In early 2021, a new Korean fried chicken menu appeared from a chain restaurant. This brand brings out variants of spicy gochujang sauce to the sweet sauce in the style of Ginseng Country food. An instant noodle brand also released a new variant of Korean-style spicy taste. Meanwhile, Korean street snacks such as tteokpoki are still popular and decorate food courts in various big-city shopping centers.

This food is a combination of the words croissant and waffle, where the croissant is cooked in a waffle grill, creating a croissant taste sensation in the form of a unique waffle. This snack is still popular in 2021, as evidenced by the appearance of croffle menus in various shops, cafes, or restaurants that initially did not serve this food.

Dalgona candy
The popularity of a film or series that has become a topic of discussion on social media has spawned a new trend in the culinary world, including the popular "Squid Game" series on Netflix. The drama, which tells the story of a group of people engaging in children's games, but risking their lives, brings nostalgia to viewers in South Korea because it features an old game that their parents or grandparents may have experienced.

One of the old snacks that appears in the drama is dalgona candy, a kind of candy, which is printed with various images. The buyer will try to cut the dalgona candy according to the mold perfectly. Thanks to "Squid Game", popular prints are triangles, circles, stars, and umbrellas.

BTS Meal
When McDonald's announced that it would issue a special BTS Meal menu, a collaboration menu package with the well-known K-pop group BTS, in June 2021, fans flocked to buy on the first day, either inline alone or through delivery services such as online motorcycle taxi platforms.

What happened at that time was a crowd of online motorcycle taxi drivers, some of whom had to wait a long time because orders were overwhelming. The crowds made the police and the COVID-19 response task force reprimand and sanction a temporary closure of a number of these fast food outlets.

On Thursday, October 6, 2021, 32 fast-food restaurant outlets were sealed for 1/24 hours by the local government police force in the aftermath of the crowd. The BTS Meal is a collaboration between BTS and McDonald's and consists of 9 pieces of McNuggets nuggets, two special sauces, namely sweet chili sauce and cajun sauce, medium-sized french fries, and one medium-sized drink.

A similar commotion occurred at the fast-food chain Subway which opened at Cilandak Town Square Mall which was greeted with crowds. The opening of the American sandwich shop caused crowds and long lines. The manager was given a ticket sanction for violating the health protocol.

Previously, in December 2020 rumors emerged that this sandwich food outlet would re-open in Indonesia. Netizens were warmly welcomed, but it turned out that the account was a fake account. Culinary fans' longing for sandwiches finally paid off when Subway opened in 2021.

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