Indonesia Deported an East Timor Criminal

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Indonesian immigration deports Timorese Vicente Feerer Hornai Soares
Indonesian immigration deports Timorese Vicente Feerer Hornai Soares - Kupang Immigration Office, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, deported an East Timorese named Vicente Ferrer Hornai Soares (32) for violating immigration law by entering Indonesian territory illegally.

"Vicente Feerer Hornai Soares was previously detained by the police because he was suspected of being on the wanted list (DPO) for a rape and murder case that was committed in Timor Leste," said Head of the Class I Immigration Office Kupang, Darwanto, in a statement received by Antara in Kupang, Monday, December 27, 2021.

The deportation process began with information from the Intelligence and Security Unit of the Kupang District Police regarding an East Timorese who was arrested for allegedly being on a wanted list for a rape and murder case.

The Kupang Immigration Intelligence Team then took the felon to Atambua, Belu Regency, and then to Timor Leste via the Motaain Cross-Border Post (PLBN). The team met with the Timor Leste Consulate in Atambua to provide assistance to the border areas between countries.

After completing the immigration administration, he said, the team immediately moved to the Batugede area of Timor Leste to hand over the felon. "The deportees were then handed over to the Head of Intelligence for Timor Leste in Batugede," he said.

Darwanto explained that Vicente Feerer Hornai Soares violated the immigration law as referred to in Article 113 and Article 119 paragraph (1) of Law Number 6 of 2011 on Immigration. The person concerned was subject to immigration administrative action in the form of deportation to the country of origin.

He added that this deportation shows that coordination and synergy with relevant agencies in supervising the presence and activities of foreigners in Indonesian territory continue to run.

"In the future, we will continue to strengthen coordination to monitor foreigners for the sake of upholding the nation's sovereignty," he said.

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