Tempe and Tofu Producers in Jakarta Strike

Arfi Bambani
A tempeh producer in Johar Baru, Jakarta
A tempeh producer in Johar Baru, Jakarta - A number of consumers at Rawasari Market, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, complained about tempeh and tofu scarcity due to producers throughout Greater Jakarta carrying out a production strike for three days. A number of stalls selling tofu and tempeh in Rawasari market were observed empty.

"Yes, it's all empty. In fact, I wanted to buy tofu and tempeh, I was confused too because my parents don't eat fish and meat. Hopefully, soybean prices will return to normal soon," said Rahma, a consumer at Pasar Rawasari, Central Jakarta, Monday, February 21, 2022.

Meanwhile, Jangkung, a vegetable vendor who picks up tofu and tempeh at the Serdang Market, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, is also forced not to sell tofu and tempeh in his cart. "Yes, indeed, since Friday the price has been expensive. So, I took tofu and the tempeh was not as much as usual. Now it's no longer surprising that they don't sell from the main market. They have been told they want to go on strike," said Jangkung.

Head of the Central Jakarta Tofu and Tempe Producers Cooperative (Kopti), Khairun, said the production strike was carried out simultaneously by all tofu and tempeh craftsmen in Jabodetabek.

"All producers in Jabodetabek have closed because if they are not closed, our friends are 'sweeping' them because this should be done collectively," said Khairun.

Khairun explained that this action had to be taken so that the government, namely the Ministry of Trade, could intervene to decrease the high price of imported soybeans, which currently reaches Rp 12,000 per kg at the producer level. The normal price of imported soybeans was around Rp. 9,500 to Rp. 10,000 per kg.

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