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Kalla Group Holds Startup Hunt 7, Search For Potential Business Ideas

Arfi Bambani
Startup illustration (Photo: Shutterstock)
Startup illustration (Photo: Shutterstock) - Kalla Group management will hold a workshop to explore potential business ideas in the transportation and logistics ecosystem through the 7th Startup Hunt series 3, at Bikin-Bikin Creative Hub, Nipah Park Mall on Thursday, July 28, 2022.

"The purpose of this 3rd Series workshop is to open up many new ideas to match ecosystems in the world of transportation and logistics," said Kalla Group's Chief Strategy & Technology and Apprentice Leader Achmad Sugiarto in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Monday, July 25, 2022.

Since the 1st and 2nd Series, the participants' enthusiasm was huge to participate in the activities. Each session, he said, was attended by thousands of participants.

In Series 1 and Series 2, they have presented stars in the respective ecosystems, namely WIR Group, Kalla Institute, and UX Master International Certified for the first Workshop Series discussing the Education ecosystem. Then in the second series, on property and hospitality, attended by CEO Kalla Inti Karsa, CEO of Booble.ID, Country GM Kredivo, Owner of as well as UX Master International Certified.

The third Series later will present competent resource persons in their fields of transportation and logistics such as Andi Muhammad Gunawan M as CEO of Kalla Transport and Logistics who will share how the business conditions of Kalla Transportation and Logistics are, the prospects for the two businesses in the future and the potential for active strategic partnerships to move forward together.

In addition, Dr. G N Sandhy W, the COO of MDI Ventures, who manages 70 startups in 12 countries, will present solutions to the ecosystem. Furthermore, Yuswo Hadi, the Managing Partner of Inventure, and Anthony Amni, the head of mid-market Amazon Web Service Indonesia as well as Kalla's strategic cloud partnership in building an Indonesian cloud for the community, will give a speech.

Then, Imam Sedayu as SiCepat's Chief Commercial Officer will be present to share their success in entering the marketplace. Mileapp CEO Dika Maheswara shared how Mileapp has successfully helped thousands of users to plan and carry out fieldwork such as pick-up, surveys, sales, and inspections with customers from various industries such as FMCG, logistics, and manufacturing.

And another resource person, a Local Heroes Startup in Makassar City, Abdur Razak A, founder of Helper Indonesia. "He will bring us closer to Helper Indonesia, a personal assistant and service platform, connecting casual workers, daily casual workers, and various service providers," added Achmad.

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