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GoTo Rolls PLUS Subscription Package at Tokopedia, What are the Benefits?

Arfi Bambani
Tokopedia (Photo: Tokopedia)
Tokopedia (Photo: Tokopedia) - Tokopedia launched PLUS by GoTo subscription package. Consumers can enjoy PLUS by GoTo with subscription fees starting from Rp150,000 for 6 months during the promotion period or only around Rp 25,000 per month to enjoy hundreds of millions of products available on Tokopedia with free shipping as much as you want without quota, including for same-day delivery with faster order processing times, which previously had not been applied to the current free shipping benefit.

The synergy between e-Commerce services and logistics is believed to have a positive impact on the profitability of the largest digital ecosystem company in Indonesia in the long term. "This should be able to form new consumer groups and increase new loyalty (from existing consumers). This is also a new form of monetization because the principle of benefit is already available," said Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia's Senior Investment Information M Nafan Aji Gusta Utama to reporters, Friday, August 26, 2022.

Gusta Utama said that PLUS by GoTo represented a new service for the premium segment. So far, GoTo's form of monetization has only been specifically from e-Commerce and on-demand services in the form of commission-based income from driver-partners and seller partners from each transaction.

Gusta Utama explained, that PLUS by GoTo is an innovative scheme to increase GTV (Gross Transaction Value) and GMV (Gross Merchandise Value). "Because for example, I usually use Tokopedia, actually this is profitable for users. Because the most essential thing about an online base application is that it can provide benefits to users."

According to Gusta Utama, PLUS by GoTo should be very well received by the Indonesian people. According to We Are Social and Kepios data in February 2022, the highest driving factor for Indonesians to shop online is free shipping (50.5%) followed by promos and customer reviews (48.3% each).

"So the impact is positive for GoTo and Tokopedia. With the additional bonus features from Halodoc and Vidio, it can also add to the diversification of services from GoTo," he said.

At the global level, the subscription strategy is also used by Amazon e-Commerce through its Amazon Prime service which has been proven to be accepted by consumers. In a letter of disclosure to shareholders, Amazon's Executive Chairman, Jeff Bezos, announced a drastic growth in the number of Amazon Prime memberships during the pandemic, with more than 200 million members of the service worldwide.

Just like previous service innovations that optimize synergies between platforms, this subscription package is also to encourage efforts to accelerate GoTo's profitability. "GoTo also proves as a domestic application that can compete with other large applications. Hopefully, there will be more innovations from GoTo so that it can improve user experience so that it can add new consumer groups," said Gusta Utama.

One of the most important things about the presence of PLUS by GoTo is that Tokopedia really serves services and educates consumers well. "If the public understands, Tokopedia transactions should increase," he said.

Tokopedia as a marketplace part of the GoTo Group is gradually introducing its first subscription package PLUS by GoTo to people who live on the island of Java. Users can use this package to get unlimited free shipping with faster order processing times, priority services, and other exclusive benefits from strategic partners of the GoTo group, such as Halodoc and Vidio.

PLUS by GoTo also offers a series of exclusive promotions, discounts, and other offers that can have a positive impact on customers' daily lives. PLUS customers can get discounts for purchasing drugs and doctor consultations through Halodoc and up to 99% discounts for streaming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ via the Vidio platform.

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