14 Cattle Died Mysteriously in East Java, Found Floating at Sea

Diana Mariska
Dead cattle found in Sampang, East Java. (Photo: ANTARA/Polsek Camplong)
Dead cattle found in Sampang, East Java. (Photo: ANTARA/Polsek Camplong) - At least 14 cattle were found dead and floating in Camplong Beach in Sampang, East Java, and authorities said they’re still investigating the cause.

On Thursday, April 14, a team of Camplong police and veterinarians from Sampang’s fisheries, livestock, and agriculture office (DPPP) evacuated the dead cattle found in the waters of Camplong Beach.

“A total of 14 cattle were found dead,” chief of Camplong police Pol. Adjunct Commissioner Budi Nugroho confirmed, as reported by Antara. He added that all dead cattle were found at 8.00 a.m. local time in Darma village, Camplong subdistrict.

They were found by locals who later reported their finding to the police.

According to the locals, they found 20 floating cattle, but the police confirmed that there were 14.

Upon coordination, DPPP deployed a team of veterinarians to investigate the cause of death, and Nugroho said the cattle didn’t die of poisoning.

Police also coordinated with Sampang water police to look into the possibility of drowned vessels that were carrying cattle, but there hasn’t been any reported drowning.

“Based on information from maritime security officials, there wasn’t any drowned vessels, including one that carried cattle,” Nugroho revealed.

The 14 cattle have been temporarily evacuated to the shore to then be dumped in the sea.

It is also reported that the 14 cattle were all Madurese cattle.

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