179 Cattle in East Aceh Also Suspected of Being Infected with FMD

Diana Mariska
A cow at a cattle farm in East Java. (Photo: SuaraJatim/Zen Arifin)
A cow at a cattle farm in East Java. (Photo: SuaraJatim/Zen Arifin) - After East Java reported foot-and-mouth diseases (FMD) outbreak in thousands of cattle in the province, 179 cattle in East Aceh regency are also suspected of being infected with the viral disease.

Plantation and livestock office in East Aceh, Aceh province, said the hundreds of cattle are showing the symptoms of FMD.

“Based on report from our officers, there are 179 cattle with foot-and-mouth disease symptoms,” head of regional development and livestock development at the office Herryza said on Thursday, May 12, as reported by Antara.

The 179 cattle are reportedly located in a number of subdistricts in the regency, including Ranto Seulamat, Ranto Peureulak, Pante Bidari, and East Pereulak.

Herryza also confirmed the office has deployed a team to collect samples from the wound, saliva, serum, and blood to be then sent to veterinary office’s lab in Medan, North Sumatra, which will reveal whether the symptoms are caused by FMD infection.

“Therefore, before the lab result is out, we can’t confirm whether these cattle are infected with FMD or other disease,” Herryza said.

The plantation and livestock office said mortality rate in FMD cases is under five percent, but it affects productivity and disrupt the trade of livestock and its products.

Authorities continues with vaccine administration as well as treating cattle that show symptoms with antibiotics, vitamins, and other medicines.

Lastly, Herryza said FMD is not dangerous to humans but warned people to take preventive measures such as maintaining distance and cleaning oneself upon direct contact with infected cattle.

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