Indonesia, Malaysia to Advance Dumai-Malaka Ro-Ro Ferry Infrastructure

Diana Mariska
Dumai International Port (Photo: Tourism Office of Riau Province)
Dumai International Port (Photo: Tourism Office of Riau Province) - The Indonesian and Malaysian governments have agreed to start the discussion on advancing the roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ferry infrastructure from Dumai to Malaka to support the tourism industry in the countries.

During a meeting between Riau governor Syamsuar and chairman of Malaysia’s Tourism, Heritage, and Culture Committee Muhammad Jailani Khamis, the two state officials acknowledged the importance of the ro-ro infrastructure in tourism and expressed commitment to further develop the Dumai-Malaka route.

“The development of Dumai-Malaka ro-ro has to be re-proposed because public enthusiasm is also high. Since the Dumai-Malaka route ends in Malaka, we’re waiting on the construction in Malaka to be completed, so it can support Indonesia and Malaysia’s development,” Syamsuar said on Monday, May 16, as reported by Antara.

The leading figure in Riau also confirmed that Jailani will propose the idea to further develop the ro-ro ferry route to the Malaysian government.

The Malaysian representative visited Riau to discuss the next steps and collaboration to rebuild tourism industry in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Since Dumai International Port reopened earlier this month, Syamsuar revealed that hundreds of Indonesians and Malaysians have been traveling via the port.

“175 Indonesian citizens have entered Malaka and 250 Malaysians came to Dumai. And as a result of the reopening of Dumai International Port on Thursday [May 5], tickets for Malaka-Dumai route sold out,” he said.

Ro-ro ferry for Dumai-Malaka route was first approved by Indonesian President Joko Widoo on March 2019 to support the bilateral trade.

It was first discussed in 2018 as the volume of trade between the two countries was considered to be very high.

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