More Than 1,000 Livestock with FMD Symptoms in Garut Have Recovered

Diana Mariska
Cattle infected with the foot-and-mouth disease, or FMD, in East Java. (Photo: Antara)
Cattle infected with the foot-and-mouth disease, or FMD, in East Java. (Photo: Antara) - The fisheries and livestock office in Garut regency, West Java, has reported that 1,317 livestock that previously showed symptoms of the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) have recovered upon medication and treatment carried out by authorities in the region.

As confirmed by head of the office Sofyan Yani, the 1,317 cows, goats, and sheep have fully recovered or have shown improvements after officers administered the necessary medication.

“There are 1,317 livestock that have recovered or improved after treatment,” Yani said on Sunday, June 12, as reported by Antara.

According to him, a team of veterinary experts were immediately deployed after it was understood that the FMD outbreak had reached Garut. Based on recent data, field officers have assessed and treated 3,520 livestock with FMD symptoms across 18 subdistricts – with 47 livestock died and 77 were slaughtered.

Aside from treatment and medication, the fisheries and livestock office also focuses on preventive measures, including by closely monitoring livestock transport from other regions as well as temporarily closing down local livestock market to prevent further spread of the viral virus.

“We’re maintaining cross-sector coordination and have established quick response team and task force – as well as closing the livestock market for two weeks since May 16,” Yani explained.

The field officers also continue to carry out periodical health assessment to livestock in the regency, especially since Indonesians are to celebrate Idul Adha – in which Muslims across the country will sacrifice animals, usually cattle, goats, or sheep.

“Every incoming livestock must be healthy, and the sick ones will be returned,” Yani concluded.

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