Muhammadiyah Supports Jokowi's Peace Mission in Ukraine, Russia

Diana Mariska
General chairperson of Muhammadiyah Central Board (PP) Haedar Nashir in Yogyakarta. (Photo: Jiwandono)
General chairperson of Muhammadiyah Central Board (PP) Haedar Nashir in Yogyakarta. (Photo: Jiwandono) - One of the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesian Muhammadiyah has expressed its support for President Joko Widodo’s diplomatic effort that seeks to put an end to the war by engaging in discussions with Ukrainian and Russian leaders.

General chairperson of Muhammadiyah Central Board (PP) Haedar Nashir said Indonesian people must be behind the President in his mission to push for diplomacy and peace in the East European countries.

“All parties in Indonesia need to support [the President] as an actualization to create world peace which is mandated by our constitution. Hopefully, a solution will be found that can pave the way to stop the war that involves the two countries,” Nashir said on Thursday, June 30, as reported by Antara.

He further complimented President Jokowi on taking a concrete action, especially considering individuals and groups in strategic positions, such as the United Nations, having not made any significant efforts that the world expects of them.

However, Nashir also acknowledged the complexity of the situation and expected the effort to be continuous before actually showing impacts.

“In regards of the result, surely it needs process and won’t be successful immediately,” he said.

Muhammadiyah has previously showed support to the Ukrainian people amid the Russian invasion.

During a meeting with Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia Vasyl Hamianin on March 10, general secretary of PP Muhammadiyah Abdul Mu'ti said the organization stands behind the Ukrainian people and their fight to defend their land, and it also showed commitment to provide aids and assistances.

“Principally, Muhammadiyah will try to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are the victims of this war,” Mu’ti said.

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