Raising Ticket Price May Be the Solution to Protect Komodo Island: Gov't

Diana Mariska
Komodo Island (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy)
Komodo Island (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy) - The West Manggarai local government said raising ticket price to Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara can become a solution to limit the number of visiting tourists and protect the island as a result.

West Manggarai regent Edistasius Endi said he will support the idea of increasing ticket price to Komodo Island because it aligns with the effort to protect the Komodo Island from overtourism.

“I agree with [raising ticket price to] Komodo Island. I see it as an effort to limit the number of tourists, and the objective is to protect komodo ecosystem in the island, so it becomes more sustainable,” Endi said on Sunday, July 3, as reported by Antara.

He said based on information he’d received, the restriction will be applicable for Komodo and Padar Islands as well as the water areas surrounding the islands.

According to him, komodos previously also existed in another famous tourist destination Labuan Bajo. However, due to human movements and activities, they gradually disappeared.

“And we don’t this to happen to Komodo Island,” the regent said.

He acknowledged that if the plan is realized, the economy will be impacted, especially among the small and local business owners that rely on tourist visits. Therefore, he expected the government to also prepare regulation that can protect micro economy in the two islands.

“So they don’t have to face significant impacts from the regulation to limit the number of tourists in the two islands,” Endi stated.

Previously, it was reported that East Nusa Tenggara provincial government had agreed to raise ticket price to Komodo Island to Rp 3.75 million (US$259). The West Manggarai regency had also reportedly agreed to implement the plan that seeks to protect the island by limiting the number of visitors.

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