Fare Increase to Komodo and Padar Islands Postponed to 2023

Diana Mariska
Komodo Island (Photo by Google Maps/ Saeed Ullah)
Komodo Island (Photo by Google Maps/ Saeed Ullah) - The East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) government has announced that it is postponing ticket price increase to Komodo and Padar Islands to January 1, 2023, after the plan was met with resistance from players in local tourism industry who fear that the significant fare increase will negatively impact the industry’s revival.

Head of NTT tourism office Zeth Sony Libing said current ticket price will remain applicable for visitors coming to the famous tourist destinations during the remainder of 2022.

“NTT provincial government offer ‘dispensation’ period for the next five months in which the old fare to Komodo and Padar Islands will continue to be applicable. The new fare of Rp 3.75 million [US$260] will start taking effect on January 1, 2023,” Libing confirmed on Monday, August 8, as reported by Antara.

Therefore, between August and December this year, domestic and foreign tourists who want to visit the two islands in the province will be charged Rp 75,000 and Rp 150,000, respectively.

Libing continued that the decision had been made upon recommendations and suggestions from President Joko Widodo as well as influential and religious figures in West Manggarai regency.

In the meantime, the local government will continue improving the supporting facilities and infrastructures in Komodo and Padar Islands and intensify coordination with different groups in the community about the adjusted fare’s implementation.

Authorities had previously announced that ticket fare to the two islands was to increase from Rp 150,000 to Rp 3.75 million and that it would take effect on August 1.

Since then, waves of protests were held by individuals and organizations from the local tourism industry against the idea.

Furthermore, the Association of Indonesian Travel Agents (ASTINDO) reported that over 10,000 tourists from Indonesia and abroad decided to cancel their visits to Labuan Bajo after the plan had been made public.

The government claimed the plan was part of the conservation effort to protect the area’s biodiversity by limiting the number of visitors.

West Manggarai regent Edistasius Endi said he supported the idea of increasing ticket price to Komodo Island because it aligns with the effort to protect the Komodo Island from overtourism.

“I agree with [raising ticket price to] Komodo Island. I see it as an effort to limit the number of tourists, and the objective is to protect komodo ecosystem in the island, so it becomes more sustainable,” Endi said on July 3.

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