One Dead, Four Hospitalized in Banten After Being Bitten by Pit Viper

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One of the snakebite victims in Lebak regency, Banten. (Photo: ANTARA/HO-Relawan Sahabat Indonesia)
One of the snakebite victims in Lebak regency, Banten. (Photo: ANTARA/HO-Relawan Sahabat Indonesia) - Five Baduy people, who live in Lebak regency in Banten province, have become the victims of Malayan pit viper bites in the past weekend, and one of them died due to delayed medical care caused by limited access.

As reported by Antara on Sunday, August 7, coordinator of a volunteer group said local leader in the tribe’s residential area first revealed that members of the community had been bitten by venomous pit viper.

“We got the information from [local leader] Pak Ardi in Baduy settlement that people got bitten by the deadly and venomous Malayan pit viper,” coordinator of Sahabat Indonesia Muhammad Arif Kirdiat said on Sunday.

There have been reportedly five people getting bitten by the snake, and one of them passed away due to delayed medical treatment. Another patient must also undergo foot amputation because the limb had already been in bad condition when patient was taken to see medical professionals.

“It’s dangerous if snakebite victims are not immediately treated because it can lead to death,” Kirdiat added.

According to him, the condition at three public health facilities, or Puskesmas, nearby the location of where Baduy people live were quite poorly. In Puskesmas Cirinten, Bojongmanik, and Cisimeut, there was no snake antivenom available.

The victims were initially to be taken to Regional Public Hospital (RSUD) Adjidarmo Rangkasbitung, but they were not registered in the national health insurance scheme.

They were eventually taken to RSUD Banten in a rented pickup.

One of the victims, Sani (31), said she felt grateful that she had been taken to RSUD Banten to receive treatment.

Official from Lebak health office Firman Rahmatullah said in most cases, the majority of Lebak residents were usually in the middle of processing land for agriculture purposes when they got bitten by venomous snakes. Therefore, appropriate equipment and clothing are vital to prevent another snakebite case.

“We ask locals to wear boots when they go to the farm, and for those who get bitten to be immediately taken to Puskesmas or hospitals,” Rahmatullah urged.

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