More Indonesians Searching for EV: Google Trends

Diana Mariska
Gesits electric motorcycles (Photo: Antara)
Gesits electric motorcycles (Photo: Antara) - Google Indonesia has reported that more Indonesians are interested in electric vehicle (EV) as search for brands that make EV tripled between 2020 and 2021.

Furthermore, based on Google Trends’ data, search for topics related to hybrid vehicle increased by 53 percent during 2020-2021 period while search for keywords related to electric car in YouTube increased by up to 60 percent within the same period.

“We can definitely see that Indonesians want to know about EV, but we can also learn bigger willingness to buy it,” Google Indonesia’s industry analyst Karlina Ayuningtyas said on Tuesday, August 9, as reported by Antara.

She added that search related EV price made up 35 percent from total search on EV. Meanwhile, on hybrid vehicle, 29 percent of total search were related to information about price.

“This shows a big opportunity for brands to try and reach this new generation of consumers, with 90 percent of them looking for information about EV online.

Furthermore, from August 2021 to July 2022, search volume on Google for EV was 30 percent higher than that of SUV and hatchback.

Not only electric car, more people also appeared to be more interested in “motor listrik” or electric motorcycle, with search on YouTube rose significantly by 85 percent in the same period.

Lastly, Google also revealed that in general, search related to automotive increased by 20 percent, and YouTube search for creators who focus on contents related on automotive also saw a 16-percent climb during the period.

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