Eagle Nest Removed from Power Overhead Line in East Java

Diana Mariska
An eagle’s nest removed from one of PLN’s power overhead lines. (Photo: ANTARA/HO PLN UIT JBM)
An eagle’s nest removed from one of PLN’s power overhead lines. (Photo: ANTARA/HO PLN UIT JBM) - State-owned electricity company PLN teamed up with East Java Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) to remove an eagle’s nest on one of PLN’s power overhead lines.

Eastern Java-Bali PLN office confirmed that eagle’s nest on an extra high voltage overhead line (SUTET) had been removed because it posed a danger to electric power transmission in Java and Bali and could danger the eagle nesting atop.

“We have removed the eagle’s nest which [could become] a natural and external threat. Therefore, we [decided] to execute the removal to prevent transmission issue,” general manager of Eastern Java-Bali PLN Didik F Dakhlan confirmed on Thursday, August 11, as reported by Antara.

It was also feared that the eagle would bring food like snake onto the nest, which could damage conductors and trigger a blackout.

PLN’s network maintenance unit carried out the operation under the supervision of BBKSDA and environmental NGO LSM Lestari.

It involved 22 joint personnel and only started when the eagle had left the nest.

“The nest has been there since 2020, but PLN must obtain permit from BBKSDA [to move it] because eagle is a protected animal. It once caused temporary disruption on July 22, 2022, when its fecal material stuck onto conductor,” Dakhlan explained.

Representative from BBKSDA Wiwin Sepiastini said the agency is ready to collaborate to solve similar matter in the future and asked PLN to continue ensuring its operation would not harm any wildlife, especially the endangered and protected species.

“We’d like to remind that eagle is one of the protected animals because it is endangered. Therefore, we urge PLN to also take part in the wildlife’s protection,” Sepiastini said.

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