Assault by Son Exposes Tax Official Father's Unexplained Wealth

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Mario Dandy Satriyo (Antara)
Mario Dandy Satriyo (Antara) - On Monday evening (February 20, 2023), David, a 17-year-old boy, was visiting his friend's house in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. At 8 pm, he received a message from a 15-year-old girl with the initials AG who wanted to meet him to give his student card back. 

Without hesitation, David replied to the massage by sending his current location. AG is known to be his ex-girlfriend.

A moment later, he got a call and went out to meet AG, and the dreadful night began. 

When the two met, it turned out that AG was accompanied by a man who came full of anger. He was Mario Dandy Satriyo, a 20-year-old teenager who was later discovered to be the son of an official at the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP).

Dandy spoke in a high-pitched tone, asking David to do 50 push-ups. Unfortunately, he can only do 20 repetitions. It didn't stop there. Dandy told David to do a "repent pose" - a pose used to be performed by the army, putting the head on the ground. Again, David couldn't do it.

It was then, Dandy asked David again to do a push-up. In the push-up position, Dandy suddenly kicked him repeatedly in the head. It didn't stop there, he also stepped on David's head many times. Sadistic!

Dandy, who invited his friend, Shane (S), asked him to record his heinous act of assaulting David. After torturing David, Dandy even went so far as to celebrate silently, typical of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo when he scores a goal. 

In just a matter of hours, the video of David's abuse spread across social media. The heinous act of the tax official's son was caught and went viral everywhere.

Later discovered, the teenager he abused turned out to be the son of Jonathan Latumahina, a GP Ansor official, the biggest Islamic organization in Indonesia. 

Inevitably, Dandy's heinous act was immediately responded to by many parties, including the officials. Even the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD also condemned it, as did the Minister of Religion, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas. He immediately visited David who was in critical condition in the hospital.

In the aftermath of the heinous act, 'catastrophes' seemed to come one after another to overtake Dandy and his family. 

He was fired from his place of study,  Prasetya Mulya University (Prasmul), and his father's wealth was also traced by the Corruption Commitee.

Chronology (Police version)

Kombes Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, Head of public relation division, Metro Jaya Police ( Yasir)
Kombes Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, Head of public relation division, Metro Jaya Police ( Yasir)

The police who received the report immediately investigated the case. Initially, Dandy was made a suspect in abuse. Later, his chum, Shean also became a suspect.

South Jakarta Police Chief Ade Ary Syam Indradi revealed the beginning of this violent case. In January 2023, Mario Dendy received information from his friend with the initials APA that his girlfriend had been mistreated by David.

Hearing this information, Mario Dandy immediately confirmed to Agnes the information he had heard from APA.

Next, Mario, along with Shane and A, headed to the location where David was in the Ulujami area, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. At that time David was at a friend's house.

After arriving there, suspect S asked Dandy, "Dan, what will I do later?"

Then Dandy replied, 'You'll just have to record us."

Dandy then gave his phone to S to record.

After meeting David, Mario Dandy told him to do 50 push-ups. However, David was only able to do it up to 20 times.

In the push-up position, Dandy immediately abused David by kicking him in the head several times. He also stepped on the victim's head many times.

Dandy's Parent's Abundant Wealth

Rafael Alun Trisambodo, Mario Dandy's Father
Rafael Alun Trisambodo, Mario Dandy's Father

Indonesian Netizens were even more furious after Mario Dandy's activities on social media were exposed. Apart from being arrogant, he is often seen showing off his wealth. Ride the expensive Jeep Rubicon to ride a Harley Davidson motorbike, the modern term is called hedon.

His family background was investigated and it turned out to be true, his father, who is a tax official named Rafael Alun Trisambodo, has enormous assets. The number reached 56.1 billion based on the Government report. His wealth is even a little closer to the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Extraordinary!

Now, not only is the case of the persecution of Dandy getting exposed, but the property of his father, Rafael Alun, is also causing a stir, many are suspicious of where it came from. Even though based on his work profile, it is very unlikely that he could have that much wealth.

It is known that the Corruption Commission will summon Rafael to trace the clarity of his assets. 

Finance Minister Removed Rafael Alun

Not wanting her institution to be the target of a decline in public trust, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, who was abroad, immediately held an online press conference on Friday (February 24th, 2023).

Firmly, Srimul, Sri Mulyani's nickname, immediately removed Rafael Alun from his position. However, his status as a civil servant remains, so he can still receive a monthly salary.

Sri Mulyani said that Rafael's removal was carried out in conjunction with an investigation related to information on assets and allegations of abuse committed by his family members.

The legal basis is Article 31 paragraph (1) PP 94 of 2021 concerning Discipline for Civil Servants. The article reads: In order to expedite the examination, civil servants who are suspected of having committed a disciplinary violation and are likely to be subject to severe disciplinary punishment, may be temporarily released from their duties by their direct supervisor from the time the person concerned is examined.

The decision for further investigation was set forth in the Assignment Letter for Examining Disciplinary Violations of Mr. RAT Number: ST-321/IJ/IJ.1/2023 dated 22 February 2023.

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