Yoursay Successfully Holds Various Environmental Care Programs

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Participants learn and play with Yoursay and UGM Nature School in a puzzle game, Sunday (4/6/2023) (Yoursay)
Participants learn and play with Yoursay and UGM Nature School in a puzzle game, Sunday (4/6/2023) (Yoursay) -, a Content Creator Platform of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk., successfully organized various events to celebrate World Environment Day. All the events were part of the campaign titled "Less Waste Earth Smile."

A series of environmental care programs were successfully held from May 15 to June 9, 2023. The activities included an online campaign with volunteers, environmental-related talk shows, service programs at the Sekolah Alam (Nature School), sharing sessions, and a craft-making challenge.

Less Waste Earth Smile Echoes on Social Media

A total of 301 volunteers from various backgrounds registered to participate in the "Less Waste Earth Smile" campaign. During the campaign, volunteers were given content creation challenges on Instagram, such as creating posters (graphic designs) or video reels.

The content creation was divided into three phases with different themes, focusing on the current waste problem, contributions to solving the waste problem, and the "5 days plastic-free challenge."

One of the volunteers, Azzahra, actively created content for the "Less Waste Earth Smile" campaign and welcomed the online campaign. According to her, this campaign has a positive impact on creating a better environment.

"Participating in Yoursay's campaign about reducing plastic waste and living a zero-waste lifestyle gives the impression that individuals have an important role in addressing environmental issues. The message of the Yoursay campaign can motivate individuals to adopt attitudes and behaviors that support a more sustainable and environmentally friendly environment," said Azzahra.

By the time the "Less Waste Earth Smile" campaign officially ended, 35 video contents and 87 posters were collected from 61 volunteers. The collected content each week was evaluated by the Yoursay team to determine the best volunteers.

Several outstanding volunteers were selected based on the content they created, whether in the form of videos or posters. The best volunteers and content for The Power of WE campaign were as follows:

Best Volunteers

Week 1 Best Volunteer: Hanifah Nur Azizah (Reels) and Defa Siti Fauziah (Poster)
Week 2 Best Volunteer: Hanifah Nur Azizah (Reels) and Nabyla Putri Ramadhani (Poster)
Week 3 Best Volunteer: Defa Siti Fauziah (Reels)

Sekolah Alam in Kali Opak Village for 7 Months

In addition to online activities, Yoursay also organized offline activities. This time, Yoursay collaborated with the Sekolah Alam UGM (UGM Nature School) to carry out service activities in Kali Opak Village for 7 months.

The event to celebrate World Environment Day was attended by 28 participants, most of whom were elementary school students. The participants enthusiastically took part in learning and playing activities, which began with a drama and singing introduction.

In the "Sunday Fun Day" event, Yoursay and Sekolah Alam UGM presented enjoyable learning materials about waste and the environment. The materials about waste and the 3R method (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) were presented through a snake and ladder game.

Moreover, the participants were also invited to play a puzzle containing messages about not littering and loving the environment.

Jeper, a UGM International Relations student and facilitator in the Sekolah Alam program, expressed delight in being able to directly participate in this service activity.

"I feel very happy because here we can create new stories, gain new experiences, and meet children. Making children happy is also our own happiness," said Jeper.

Sharing Session and Craft-Making Challenge with Waste Materials

The excitement continued with the event titled Yoursay Move and Get Better, held on Friday, June 9, 2023, at Yogyatorium in Yogyakarta. On this occasion, Yoursay organized a sharing session and a craft-making challenge using waste materials, called "Yoursay Move and Get Better."

"Yoursay Move and Get Better" was attended by 17 participants, some of whom came from the Yoursay Jogja Community, Sekolah Alam UGM, and Green Generation DIY. All participants were enthusiastic from the beginning to the end of the event.

The sharing session was conducted by Vert Terre, a bulk store business that has implemented environmentally friendly principles. Co-Owners of Vert Terre, Tiffani Rizky and Ratri Sekar Wening, directly discussed a less waste lifestyle and the simple steps that can be taken.

"It depends on our habits. We can do simple things at home, like reducing daily waste. For example, shopping without using plastic bags but using a shopping bag," said Ratri.

After the sharing session, the participants took part in a challenge to create crafts using waste materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard, and others. The crafts created took various forms, such as pencil holders, dollhouses, and more.

One of the participants in "Yoursay Move and Get Better," Pusaka, found the event exciting. Additionally, they gained new knowledge and skills from the event.

"The materials were useful and added to my knowledge. It turns out there are many ways to reduce waste, such as refilling. The event was enjoyable, with the creation of crafts from waste brought from home, made together here, and becoming acquainted with new friends," said Pusaka.

Yoursay Talks with Environmental Activists

To accommodate environmental enthusiasts who couldn't attend physically, Yoursay also organized online activities in the form of talk shows or Yoursay Talks. Two talk shows were successfully held via the Live Instagram feature.

The first talk show was titled "Yoursay Talk: Small Step To Big Change!" The event took place on May 24, 2023, and featured young Indonesian environmental activist Aeshnina Azzahra Aqilani, who has gained international recognition.

In this talk show, Aeshnina discussed her background and her involvement as an environmental activist. Despite her young age, Aeshnina has actively participated in various positive activities for nature.

Furthermore, Aeshnina also discussed the dangers of plastic waste that are damaging the environment and the efforts young people can make to help preserve nature. With great enthusiasm, she encouraged participants to take part in efforts to protect the environment.

"We all have the right to live in a healthy environment. We are the heirs of this planet. We will lead and live in Indonesia in the future. Don't let our planet die. We must dare to speak up and make changes for our healthy future free from plastic pollution," emphasized Aeshnina.

Next, the second Yoursay Talk was held on Monday, June 5, 2024. This time, Nurie Lubis from the Belajarzerowaste_id community shared her experiences and knowledge about the environment.

Nurie Lubis discussed zero waste or the movement to minimize waste production for the sake of the environment. She explained that the key to participating in this movement is to have the intention.

After having the intention, the next step is to take preventive actions. These actions can include using bags instead of plastic bags, using cloth wipes instead of tissues, and reducing the use of food delivery services.

Following that, the next step is sorting and separating waste that can be recycled from those that can't. Then, it moves on to the processing stage. Waste items such as bottles or cans can be recycled into flower pots, while food waste can be used as animal feed or compost.

That was the excitement of the Yoursay "Less Waste Earth Smile" series of events, held as a simple step to care for the environment. Let's all participate in nurturing nature!

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