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Google illustration (Pexels) - Google Indonesia announced the "Year in Search 2021," on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. It shows a compilation of Indonesian search trends in 2021.

"'Year in Search' or 'trending search' is the highest search in a continuous period throughout the year. So, this is not just one trending spike that we took. The topic must be trending throughout the year," said Google Indonesia Consumer Products Communication Manager Feliciana Wienathan in a virtual conference.

This year, Google has divided nine categories to summarize search trends, including the main list of overall search trends, Who, National Events, Songs, What is, How to, Recipes, Movies, and trends around COVID-19.

According to Feliciana, "Year in Search 2021" describes Indonesians with diverse and varied interests.

For example, the menu launched by McDonald's in collaboration with the BTS Meal this year was very much talked about by netizens. Not only about its products but also other unique forms of creativity.

"BTS Meal is very varied. Not only the food but also the announcement, the variety of food made, and the creative use of its packaging. So, Indonesian netizens were busy talking about it," said Feliciana.

This year is also the moment of Indonesia's revival in the Badminton's Thomas Cup after 19 years. In addition, 2021 also features Indonesian talents who lead and pave the way in their respective fields, such as Greysia Polli and Anthony Ginting in Sports, Amanda Manopo in the Performing Arts, Dewa Kipas in the Chess, and Sisca Kohl on the internet.

Almost the same as 2020, people are looking for ways to stay connected with each other and enjoy entertainment at home, such as the movie "Ali & Ratu-Ratu Queens" and the "Squid Game" series, which was trending searches for 2021.

In the music category, songs performed by local musicians such as "Widodari" by Denny Caknan and Guyon Waton, "CHRISYE" by Diskoria and Eva Celia, and songs performed by foreign musicians such as "Butter" by BTS also embellish the most trending searches on Google Indonesia.

Feliciana said that Google still has the COVID-19 category as a trending search topic because this year couldn't be separated from the pandemic.

This year, the Government's Covid-19 tracker 'PeduliLindungi' application became the most popular topic in Indonesia. According to Feliciana, many Indonesians are looking for more information about the application. They search how to download it and check the vaccine certificates.

Here are the top 10 overall trends:
(Google's "Year in Search 2021" list is not sorted by search popularity level)

1. Euro Cup
2. Tokyo Olympics
3. BTS Meal
4. COVID-19 Vaccine
5. Prevention of COVID-19
6. PeduliLindungi
7. Community Restriction (PPKM) Extended
8. Health Insurance (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan)
10. Google Translate

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