Nan Baanjuang, Museum You Have to Visit in Bukittinggi

Arfi Bambani
Nan Baanjuang Traditional House in Bukittinggi City
Nan Baanjuang Traditional House in Bukittinggi City - The Museum of Nan Baanjuang Traditional House in Bukittinggi city's Kinantan Zoological Park has 600 historical artifacts comprising local ancient cultural objects and relics, a cultural expert has said.

"Some 600 artifacts are divided into eight collections assembled in the Gadang House, which was formerly Bundo Kanduang Museum," Silvia Devi informed during an awareness-raising activity on the use of historic museums at Bung Hatta Palace at Bukittinggi on Wednesday.

The collection includes miniatures of traditional architecture, traditional clothing and home supplies, livelihood tools, art, martial arts, and preserved animals, she said.

According to Devi, the traditional house, which is the best museum in Bukittinggi city, West Sumatra, was built by a Dutch national in 1953.

"Based on the Bukittinggi City Regulation No.5 of 2005, it was built by Modelar Controlleur, a Dutch national. The building area is 2,798 sq m, with the shape of Gadang Bagonjong Gajah Maharam House with nine rooms," she informed, as quoted by Antara news agency.

She pointed out that the building has platforms on the left and right sides in the shape of rangkiang and is made with wood and palm fiber. "In 1956, a statue of Kabau Pedati was added, which was then managed and owned by the Education and Culture Office of Bukittinggi city," she added.

She said the current problems in introducing history through museums and stoking the interest of visitors in learning about culture must be solved together by agencies.

"The information on historical objects and collections such as (their) origin, function, value, and meaning has to be optimized," Devi affirmed.

She also expressed the hope that competent personnel such as conservators, registrars, and exhibition designers will be recruited in addition to the provision of technical training for tour guides.

Moreover, their structuring or organization based on educational background and skills needs to be done, she added.

"In terms of other resources, collections' inventory and registration can be executed, such as by creating a good information system and utilizing facilities and infrastructure that are in accordance with the function and have aesthetic value," she explained.

The history museum socialization activities were organized by the Education and Culture Office of Bukittinggi city, which were joined by many residents who were expected to attract interest in and development of historical education, she said. 

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