'Ghozali Everyday' Sells His Selfie NFT Collections for Almost $1 Million

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Image by Ghozali from OpenSea
Image by Ghozali from OpenSea - Ghozali, a student from Indonesia, suddenly got viral on social media. It’s because he managed to sell his selfie photos in NFT format for IDR 13.8 billion.

He sells his 933 selfie photos through his Ghozali Everyday account on OpenSea. More than 430 people have bought Ghozali’s photos with a selling value of 288 ETH. ETH or Ethereum is a Crypto Asset token that is similar to bitcoin.

Who is Ghozali?

His name is Ghozali Ghozalo. He is a student from Semarang, Indonesia. He was born on 4 June 1999 and he’s 22 years old now. He shared his story about his selfie photos on Twitter. On his OpenSea profile, he said that his collections are really a picture of him standing in front of the computer day by day.

Why did he take selfies for five years?

Image by Ghozali from Twitter
Image by Ghozali from Twitter


On his OpenSea profile, there are 933 photos he took. Those photos were taken by him from 2017 to 2021 or between the ages of 18 and 22. Formerly, he just took his photos for documentation when he graduated from his college.

After making photo summary videos for five years, Ghozali had the idea of selling each image. That’s why he sells his photos in NFT format at OpenSea.

What is the collection's value?

The collection was released on January 9, 2022, with each image costing USD 3. Before falling slightly, the floor price quickly reached 0.9 ETH (about USD 3,000) per piece.

The collection's total traded volume on OpenSea as of 14 January 2022 was 314 ETH, or more than USD 1 million.

Chef Arnold Poernomo, a celebrity chef in Indonesia, who is known to have bought several of Ghozali's NFTs, expressed his admiration for Ghozali's consistency. Poernomo posted, "Ghozali happened...the year of Gozali," tagging Ghozalo's Twitter account.

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