How To Become An Influencer, A Guide To Grow Your Social Media!

Aulia Hafisa
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Illustration of influencer (Elements Envato) - Becoming a social media influencer is highly coveted by many people. Nowadays, many brands or companies are implementing influencer marketing strategies to promote their products. So, how to become an influencer?

Popularity is not the only goal for people to become influencers, the high salaries of influencers from social media can also be one of the reasons. Social media that promises big income is not only limited to Instagram, but Youtube, TikTok, Spotify, and Twitter can also be platforms for influencers' sources of income.

How to become an influencer?

Becoming an influencer is not easy. There are several things that must be considered to maintain popularity and followers. Here are the tips to grow your social media quoting CakeResume. 

1. Determine the niche or things you like

The first step in how to become a beginner influencer is to determine your target audience. Therefore, determine what you like first.

The niche you choose should be something you are passionate about or an area in which you have more knowledge. This niche must also have something to do with products that consumers are interested in.

2. Choose a social media platform that you master

An influencer is certainly always active on social media. Many influencers use a combination of social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Choose a platform that is your ideal target audience. Make sure a social media platform is a place where you often spend your time.

3. Determine the strategy for content posting

To reach a large number of consumers, one of the conditions for becoming a successful influencer is actively posting interesting content.

Engaging content is consistent, high-quality content specifically designed for your target audience. The content that you post can be in the form of product reviews, information about webinars, demonstration videos, social media posts, and so on.

Make sure the quality of the videos and photos that you post is good and clear. At least, use a good, sharp, and bright camera.

Then, drive a consistent posting schedule as well.

4. Interact with the audience

Interact frequently with the public to increase your engagement rate.

For example, if someone comments on your post, try your best to reply. Apart from replying to comments, don't hesitate to reply to messages or direct messages from your followers.

The way to become an Instagram or TikTok influencer who is good at interacting with the audience is to use the "Ask me a question" or "Q&A" feature to give the audience the opportunity to ask questions to influencers.

This can encourage the audience to share their stories with you. A high engagement rate can increase the value and price of the endorsements you do for various brands.

5. Have an opinion

In order to make your content stand out from the rest, it is very important that you share your own opinion. People are more attracted to opinions that are unique and original. Audiences trust reviews that come from their own experience rather than opinions that simply repeat popular talk.

6. Expand the network

Even though influencer work is done individually, expanding the network with others remains one of the keys to success.

The way to become an Instagram or TikTok influencer to quickly increase the number of followers is to expand the network. Build connections with other influencers by collaborating with influencers. With collaboration, you can exchange followers with these influencers.

7. Follow the latest trends

One way to be a good influencer is to always follow new trends. Do some research on emerging trends, especially on social media.

To find trends that will enter Indonesia, do research abroad first, because these trends usually take 1 to 6 months to go viral in Indonesia. You can use Twitter to search for upcoming trends.

Creating trending content is also one of the tips for increasing engagement, you know. However, keep in mind that the trends you follow must be related to the products you offer.

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