Dog Slaughterhouse Raided in Surabaya, Has Been Operating for 40 Years

Arfi Bambani
One of the dogs rescued from dog slaughterhouse in Surabaya, July 31, 2022
One of the dogs rescued from dog slaughterhouse in Surabaya, July 31, 2022 - Animal lovers from the "Animals Hope Center" community and police officers raided a dog slaughterhouse in Surabaya after receiving reports from the public. The Head of the Public Relations Subdivision of the Greater Surabaya Resort Police (Polrestabes) Police Commissioner Muhammad Fakih confirmed that the owner of the slaughterhouse had admitted to selling dog meat for consumption.

"We, together with animal lovers, have brought the owner of the house to the Surabaya Police Headquarters for questioning and further interrogation," he told reporters in Surabaya, Sunday, July 31, 2022. "The owner of the house is still being questioned," said the middle-ranking police officer.

Commissioner Fakih said the investigation was still ongoing. During the raid, his party found several other animals in his house.

Meanwhile, an activist from "Animals Hope Center" Christian Joshua Pale when met at the Surabaya Police Headquarters revealed that the findings of violence against domesticated dogs in this slaughterhouse were following up on public complaints. Information from the community stated that the owner of the slaughterhouse in Sumur Welut Village, Lakarsantri District, Surabaya City, has been operating for about 40 years.

They process dog meat for generations. Animals that are not classified as livestock are processed into various dishes, then sold. "It turns out that there is not only a slaughterhouse for dogs but also monitor lizards," he said.

During the raid, the police team and the animal lover community found six empty sacks. It is estimated that several dogs or other animals that are not classified as livestock were slaughtered before the raid. He urged the police who are still conducting investigations to pursue perpetrators and receive the appropriate punishment.

"Moreover, there is information that the perpetrators have been operating for decades, which means they have killed thousands of pet dogs. We want the perpetrators to be punished severely," said Christian.

The investigation team from the Surabaya Police is also still following up on the case, including asking for information from several witnesses.

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