How to Create a YouTube Channel, A Friendly Beginner Tutorial

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YouTube Channel Illustration
YouTube Channel Illustration - If you want to become YouTuber or content creator, the first step you have to do is creating a YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel is quite easy. 

Besides watching, liking, and subscribing to videos with Google accounts without a YouTube channel, you can create your account to be a channel.

Even if you already have a Google account, you still have to create a YouTube channel in order to upload videos, leave comments, or create playlists.

You can create a channel on the YouTube site or the YouTube mobile site. Quoting from the official YouTube page, here's how to easily create a YouTube channel:

How to create a personal YouTube channel

  • Sign in to YouTube on a computer or mobile browser.
  • Click the user's profile photo and click Create Channel.
  • The user will be prompted to create a channel.
  • Check the detailed information with the user's Google account name and photo, then confirm to create a channel.

How to create a YouTube channel with a business name or another name

YouTube Illustration (Greenwish_ /Pexels)
YouTube Illustration (Greenwish_ /Pexels)

This channel can be managed by more than one user.

  • First, log in to YouTube.
  • Open the channel list page by accessing the address
  • Choose between creating a new channel or using an existing Brand Account.
  • If you create a new channel, click the Create new channel option.
  • Create a YouTube channel for the Brand Account that the user has managed by selecting the Brand Account from the list.
  • If this Brand Account already has a channel, the user can't create a new one. When selecting a Brand Account from the list, the user will be redirected to that channel. This action will create a new Brand Account.
  • To add channel managers, follow the instructions for changing channel owners and managers.

By following this guide, users can upload videos to become content creators and manage their own YouTube channel.

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