How To Earn Money on YouTube? Easy Way to Monetize Your Channel!

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YouTube Illustration (Greenwish_ /Pexels)
YouTube Illustration (Greenwish_ /Pexels) - For YouTubers, registering your YouTube account to Google Adsense is very important, especially if content creation is your main job. The income from Google Ads is quite promising. This guide will show you the steps to monetize your YouTube channel.

Google Adsense is Google's online advertising service. For entrepreneurs, Google Ads can be a medium to promote their products or services.


Before knowing the steps to register for Adsense, prepare these requirements. 

  • The account has been verified.
  • Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • No spamming action.
  • Have at least 4000 watch hours for the last year.

Steps to Register for Google Adsense YouTube by Phone 

1. Open Google Chrome  

The first step you have to do is open the browser on your smartphone. To simplify the registration, it is recommended to use Google Chrome. After entering the browser homepage, change the appearance to the desktop version. This step is taken to make the registration process easier and clearer. 

2. Enter the YouTube site 

The next way to register for YouTube Adsense is to enter the YouTube site at Then, log in using the YouTube account that will be monetized.

3. Open YouTube Studio 

YouTube illustration (Joshua Miranda/Pexels)
YouTube illustration (Joshua Miranda/Pexels)

If you have successfully logged in, you can directly enter the YouTube Studio menu. The method is quite easy, you can click on the YouTube channel logo in the top right. 

Then, select the “YouTube Studio” option. On this page, you can find various information about the YouTube account that you have. You can see a list of comments, account reach, viewer demographics, and information about monetization. 

4. Selecting the Monetization Menu 

The next step is to select the monetization menu in the upper left corner of the channel. You can see whether the channel can be monetized or not. If you meet the requirements, you can immediately follow the next stage. 

5. Fill in the Data 

The next step is filling in all the requested data completely and correctly. The form will later be sent and checked by YouTube. This process usually takes quite a while. To know that your monetization request has been approved is by look at the list of videos that you uploaded. 

If the video list is equipped with a green dollar icon, it means that your Adsense application has been approved. That's when you can set ads that will appear on every video content that you upload.

In order to get an abundant income, you must regularly upload videos on your YouTube channel. 

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