5 Luxurious Shopping Places in Bandung

5 Luxurious Shopping Places in Bandung

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Why Do Spirit Dolls Become So Popular in Indonesia?

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Why do spirit dolls go viral in Indonesia?
Why do spirit dolls go viral in Indonesia? - Recently, spirit dolls are viral in Indonesia. It’s occurred since a number of Indonesian celebrities openly admit that they raise spirit dolls like their own children.

They said that raising (or keeping) spirit dolls will bring luck to them. However, the pros and cons immediately come among netizens. Moreover, when those artists also shared their activities with the spirit dolls they adopted. As a matter of fact, they care for the dolls like a human baby.

So, what are spirit dolls? And why do they become popular in Indonesia?

 Spirit Dolls Definition

Spirit dolls are considered dolls filled with spirits of people who have died. Those who take care of the doll will refer to the doll as their adopted children.

Since there is a belief that the doll is possessed by a spirit, those who adopt the doll will treat it like the owner’s foster child. Besides, the spirit doll’s foster parents also said that the doll also could die.

Where Can Spirit Dolls Be Found?

Quoted from various sources, it is known that the trend of spirit dolls originally come from Thailand which started in 2014. Now, spirit dolls can be found in a number of online marketplaces in Indonesia.

Talking about the prices, it varies from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Some dolls even reach hundreds of millions of rupiahs. The average sales of spirit dolls in a number of online marketplaces do provide information regarding the benefits of adopting them, and the type of spirit dolls.

It is also said that spirit dolls are harmless and unobtrusive since they have been educated and are happy to serve their masters. In fact, there is also information that states that spirit dolls can find their own food. However, they need to be given gifts occasionally. For example, flowers, food, or coffee.

The owners of spirit dolls believe that the dolls can bring good luck to them. Especially for those who take good care of the spirit dolls.

Pros and Cons

Spirit Dolls

The trend of adopting spirit dolls certainly reaps pros and cons among Indonesian people. There are those who think that playing spirit dolls is actually no different from small children playing with various forms of dolls. As long as you can distinguish between reality and hallucinations, it's not a problem.

Meanwhile, a number of religious leaders said that the adoption of spirit dolls could not be justified by religion in particular when it comes to beliefs related to spirit dolls that can bring good luck. This cannot be justified from a religious point of view.

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