Police Says Public Shouldn't Ride Their Motorcycles in Sandals

Diana Mariska
Motorcyclists illustration (Photo: Nikmatullah)
Motorcyclists illustration (Photo: Nikmatullah) - The Indonesian Police (Polri) has recently warned the public against wearing sandals while riding motorcycles to prevent road accidents and fatal consequences from such events.

Chief of Polri’s Traffic Corps Pol. Inspector General Firman Shantyabudi said by not wearing sandals, motorcycle riders can reduce the risk of accidents and higher level of damages it causes.

“There is no protection in wearing sandals because when people ride their motorcycles [in sandals], their skin directly touch the asphalt – there’s also [risk of] fire and fuel [leak]. The faster the bike goes, the more unprotected we are. That can be fatal,” Shantyabudi said on Wednesday, June 15, as reported by Antara.

Previously, news spread among Indonesians that motorcyclists who fail to comply will get a ticket, but he confirmed that it’s not true, and that it’s only a warning and urge to minimize the risk and severity of road accidents.

Even if a person is only going for a short distance, the police reminded that every necessary article still needs to be properly put on, such as shoes, helmet, and jacket.

“Some people said they’re only going to buy some tempeh at the market and won’t need to wear shoes. [But] road accidents indeed happens [on the way] from home to the market to buy tempeh, which is a daily activity,” Shantyabudi warned.

He added that even though ticket will not be given to motorcyclists who are found wearing sandals, they will get verbal warning.

And while the appeal might seem difficult to be widely implemented, the corps chief said he’s optimistic that the public will eventually be more aware and start to protect themselves more strictly when riding their vehicles.

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