'Robot' Fried Rice in Malang

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Street Vendor Uses 'Robot' to Cook Fried Rice (TimesIndonesia)
Street Vendor Uses 'Robot' to Cook Fried Rice (TimesIndonesia) - A street vendor went viral on TikTok after inventing an automatic robot to cook fried rice. The invention successfully caught people's attention.

TikTok user @Revan.z22 posted a video of the street vendor's cooking process when he bought fried rice.

The cook cooked the fried rice by stir-frying the rice using his right hand, while a robot that he invented assisted him in mixing the rice evenly.

The video posted on October 8 has been seen almost 2 million times on TikTok, with more than 88,000 likes.

The stall owner, Dartadi, worked at the stall selling fried rice with his wife in Malang, East Java.

According to Timesindonesia-- Suara Network, Dartadi's left hand injured three years ago. This makes him could not move his left hand normally to cook big portions of fried rice.

Street Vendor Uses 'Robot' to Cook Fried Rice (TikTok/Revan.Z22)
Street Vendor Uses 'Robot' to Cook Fried Rice (TikTok/Revan.Z22)

While making fried rice requires two hands -- one to stir fry and the other hand to hold the wok.

Hence, he tried to find ways to continue cooking properly. The father of three children did experiments many times to make a cooking machine. He almost gave up because he failed many times.

"I built this machine until dawn. I open the stall from 6.00 PM to 1.00 AM. After I arrived at home, I continued to build the machine again," said Dartadi.

However, his persistence and hard work made him succeed in building the machine. He installed the machine hanging above the wok which looks like a metal hand with blades attached.

Dartadi said he could cook six to seven portions of fried rice at one go.

The invention has also paid off in other way. Dartadi has seen more customers come to his stall as it's famous as "robot fried rice." Many customers recognized him from viral social media posts.

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