TikTok Slang Explained: FYP, VT, POV, RL, Xyzbca

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TikTok Illustration (Pexels/Cottonbro)
TikTok Illustration (Pexels/Cottonbro) - TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms lately. There are various TikTok terms commonly used by its users, such as FYP, VT, POV, Xyzbca, and others. So, what do these terms mean? Check out the following explanation. 

Since its release in 2016, TikTok becomes a social media platform with the most users in the world. Interestingly, there are a number of TikTok terms that are widely used.

For old TikTok users, of course, these terms are familiar. But for new users, TikTok terms like FYP or POV are still not familiar. These are the collection of TikTok terms that people often use.

1. FYP

FYP is the most frequently used term on TikTok. Quoting Urban Dictionary, the term FYP TikTok stands for For Your Page, which is related to the 'For You' column on the TikTok homepage.

TikTok users also often use the hashtags #foryourpage or #fyp aiming that other users would see their videos, making the view number increase.

2. Stitch

This stitch is one of the useful features of TikTok so that TikTok users can provide feedback or responses to other users' videos. As for the responses given, such as 'likes' or 'comments'.

3. Xyzbca

The term TikTok xyzbca is often found on TikTok, its function is almost the same as FYP. Usually, TikTok users use this hashtag term to make it easier to get the opportunity to be on the main TikTok page and get lots of views.

4. IB

IB stands for 'Inspired By'. Usually, the use of this term is accompanied by the name of the TikTok user account.

This term is also used by TikTok users when creating videos or challenges in the form of videos inspired by someone. Users can also tag TikTok user accounts that become inspirations.


The term CEO on TikTok refers to someone who is an expert in a particular field. This expertise does not have to be related to organizations or companies, but experts in various other things, such as singing, dancing, and others.

6. DC

TikTok illustration (Unplash)
TikTok illustration (Unplash)

DC (don't carel) is a term commonly used by users who make dance or dance videos, such as dance compilations, dance challenges, or dance covers. The term makes it easier for other users to watch the dance videos that you make.

7. Check

The term check means checklist. Usually, this term is used by users who have carried out an activity or checked the goods they have or various other activities.

8. VT, RP, CP, and RL

Apart from the terms mentioned above, there is also the term VT (Video Tiktok) which is used to make it easier for users to call TikTok videos.

Apart from that, there is also the term RP (role-play or roleplayer) which means playing a role. There is also CP (couple) which means idol couple. And there is also RL which means real life.

So, that's information about a collection of TikTok terms that you need to know, especially for new Tiktok users.

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