Klawalu Mangrove Park, the G20 Destination

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Klawulu Mangrove Park, the first of its kind in Papua.
Klawulu Mangrove Park, the first of its kind in Papua. - Indonesia has a number of mangrove parks across its archipelago; some of them have been impressing tourists for years while some have only been developed. Among the newly developed is Klawalu Mangrove Park, the first mangrove park in Papua.

Built by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as one of the destinations for the G20 side event that will be held in 2022, the park is designated to be an alternative for the world-famous Raja Ampat. It is home to vast species of mangroves, and tourists can also enjoy different activities in the area, such as exploring the coastline by boat and cycling around the park.

Klawalu Mangrove Park, which is located in Sorong, also has a number of ‘Instagramable’ spots like colorful bridges to take snap pictures on, to spoil the modern-day tourists in the digital era.

“This park will be one of the destinations for the G20 delegations’ visit that we will host. Prior to visiting Raja Ampat, the plan is to have them plant mangrove here,” Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said during his visit to Klawalu Mangrove Park on Monday, 25 October 2021.

In addition to being a tourist destination, mangrove parks play important roles in the environment as it provides various benefits. They help prevent seawater intrusion, erosion, and shoreline abrasion. They also increase oxygen sources and stabilize the coastal areas.

An Important Addition

The development Klawalu Mangrove Park is an important addition to the existing mangrove parks in Indonesia. Other park sparks unique experiences in Indonesia such as Kapuk Nature Park in Jakarta.

Alam Angke Kapuk Nature Park is located in North Jakarta and relatively easy to reach with public transportation. The park has advanced supporting infrastructures and a number of camping grounds for staying visitors.

Some mangrove parks allow trekking activity for its tourists, such as Karimunjawa Mangrove Park in Central Java and Kulonprogo Mangrove Park in Yogyakarta. Aside from it, these parks are also blessed with incredible natural wonders which will grant tourists a very memorable experience.

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