Get To Feel Like A Local This Summer Holiday with Airbnb Rooms

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Padar island Labuan Bajo (Shutterstock) - Summer is coming! Have you prepared for your vacation trip? If you are planning to experience a vacation with a local taste, by saying it, you can stay in the best authentic local house, you are coming to the right site. Airbnb is one of the best choices to find it.

Here is the newest Airbnb feature, Airbnb Rooms. Airbnb began as a way to stay in a room in someone else’s home. This original idea of sharing a home offers two unique benefits. First, it’s more affordable for guests. More than 80% of private rooms are under $100/night, with an average rate of $67/night. Second, staying with a Host is a great way to meet someone new and experience the city like a local.

In the current economic environment, people want to travel affordably. Besides, after years of being isolated during the pandemic, people are looking for ways to connect with people and have authentic experiences. Now is the perfect time to stay in a room in someone else’s home. But for even more people to try it, they have to feel comfortable staying with a Host.

Ubud Bali
Ubud Bali

Today, we’re introducing Airbnb Rooms, an all-new take on the original Airbnb. Guests have told us that they want to know more about who they're staying with. Every Airbnb Room features a Host Passport, which helps guests get to know their Host before booking their stay. We’ve also created a Rooms category with over 1 million listings, redesigned filters, and added new privacy features.

“With Airbnb Rooms, we’re getting back to the idea that started it all - back to our founding ethos of sharing,” said Brian Chesky, Airbnb co-founder and CEO. “Airbnb Rooms are often more affordable than hotels, and they’re the most authentic way to experience a city. This is the soul of Airbnb.”

Host Passport - We want every guest to feel comfortable staying with a Host. Exclusive to Airbnb Rooms, the Host Passport helps you get to know your Host before booking your stay. Simply tap the Host Passport to view a larger photo and details Hosts have shared about themselves, including where they went to school, what they do for work, fun facts about themselves, and much more.

Airbnb Rooms category - Airbnb Rooms are easy to discover, with a new category featuring a curated set of 1 million private bedrooms. Listings include access to shared spaces, like the kitchen, living room, or backyard.

Redesigned filters - We’ve redesigned the “type of place” filter to make it easy to switch between Airbnb Rooms, entire homes, or all types of places. It’s simple to view the average price for each type of place with an enhanced price filter that updates based on your choice.

New privacy features - We know that when you’re sharing a home, privacy is important. All Airbnb Rooms will clearly indicate if the bedroom door has a lock. The listing page also shows whether the bathrooms are shared or private and whether people other than the Host will be in the home during your stay.

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